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Welcome to ARBD Möbel

Welcome to ARBD Möbel, your competent furniture wholesaler from Löhne. With our own upholstery workshop and over 6,000 models always available on a 30,000 sqm area, we are proud to offer you unique and customized furniture solutions. Visit our showroom to experience the diversity of our range.

Our Warehouse

Our extensive warehouse offers an extraordinary selection of furniture, including sofas and box-spring beds. We always have a wide range of products ready to quickly meet our customers' needs, ensuring prompt availability.

Mattresses and Toppers

In our own production, we manufacture high-quality mattresses and toppers. Each product is crafted with the utmost care and expertise to guarantee the highest comfort and quality. As a wholesaler, we are proud to supply products that set standards in sleep comfort.

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Upholstered Suites and Beds

Our upholstered suites and beds, especially our custom-made sofas and box-spring beds, are produced to the highest quality standards. We offer the possibility to manufacture these products according to customer specifications and on a commission basis, perfectly meeting individual needs.

Furnishing for Hotels, Nursing Homes, and Restaurants

We offer specialized furniture solutions for hotels, nursing homes, and restaurants. Our product range extends from comfortable sofas to practical beds, perfectly tailored to the requirements of these establishments.


Our own logistics department guarantees efficient and safe delivery of our furniture, from sofas to box-spring beds. We ensure that each order is delivered quickly and reliably to its destination.

ARBD Möbel
ARBD Möbel

Worldwide Presence

As a wholesaler with a global customer base, we support our international clients not only with high-quality furniture but also with comprehensive services such as export and customs clearance, ensuring smooth international trade.

Support for Your Business

We provide extensive support for your business, including marketing materials like catalogs and fabric samples. Our clients benefit from detailed product photos and 360-degree videos, offering a comprehensive representation of our products.

ARBD Möbel

Live Inventory and Reservations

Through our B2B shop with a reservation system, our customers can quickly and easily reserve products like sofas, box-spring beds, and more. Thanks to API integration, the system can be directly linked to your inventory management system or online shop.

ARBD Möbel

Discover Our Range

Visit our showroom and discover the variety and quality of our products. Experience our sofas, box-spring beds, mattresses, and toppers up close and let our selection inspire you.

Your Partner in Wholesale Furniture

At ARBD Möbel Vertrieb GmbH, we are proud not only to offer high-quality furniture but also to provide a service that sets worldwide standards. Our dedicated team supports you with technical knowledge and personal advice. Dive into the world of ARBD Möbel - your reliable partner in wholesale furniture.

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